What a bookkeeper has to learn to provide services

So You need a Bookkeeper…...

You’ve jumped online to ask “Dr Google” how much a “Bookkeeper” will cost you and Dr Google has come back with something along the lines of “Between $20-$50”   Right?


Chances are these are either US dollars or prices so old that they’ve collected cobwebs in the background coding of the internet piece you’re looking at.

In this age of technology and compliance there are other significant factors that go into a Bookkeepers’ rate and or packages.

Your bookkeeper has had many years of experience.  This experience comes with costs also – Education from a recognised T.A.F.E or University. Payroll Training.  G.S.T Training.  Financial Training.

Thousands of hours of Continual Professional Education to keep up dated on compliance through the Tax Practitioners Board (because now they must must be licensed to provide services).  Tax Practitioner Licensing & Professional Association fees to comply with their Governing Body.  Insurances are next – Professional Indemnity Insurances and Cyber Insurances just to start.

Accounting Platform training and costs.  Applications to become trusted advisors.  Apps to make your life a little easier such as Capture apps.  Payroll integration apps.  Workflow Management apps.  Costing, Budgeting & Reporting apps.  Quoting & CRM apps.  All of which require training so you have no trouble integrating them to your business.

Is your mind Blown Yet??

Programs relating to the reconciliation and correct processing of your BAS/IAS figures, Business programs for Back office integrations.

You still need a Bookkeeper?  Yes?

Take into consideration the years of Education, experience and professionalism they have put themselves through to be at the forefront of their fields.

That’s what is in their rates.

Expect Competency, Reliability, Professionalism, Accuracy and as a bonus – a sense of humour.

So when you contact a BAS Agent/Bookkeeper – take a breath, know what you would like them to take on.  Ask questions and be prepared to take time to meet with them to get a realistic assessment of your actual requirements.  Most bookkeepers have ‘packages’ which are a value based and usually personalised to each individual client.

But no matter how much you look at it, Having a BAS Agent/Bookkeeper will be an asset to your business, they add value and can potentially save you money by getting it right the first time.

How about the next time you call – instead of asking “How Much?”


“What can you offer?”  or ” What Value can you add to my Business?

because soon you will be saying...

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