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Every Line of Work Needs an Experienced Bookkeeper.

Construction is No Different!

  • Are you in the construction business and have yet to meet your first violation?
  • Are you aware that the red tape runs long and covers more than enough area in your field?
  • Are you worried that it’s only a matter of time until you run into problems and want to prevent them?

Anybody who has been in construction more than a day knows that it’s not as easy as choosing a site and building. There are codes, restrictions, and plenty of hoops to jump through before production can even begin.

And the problems only stack up from that point on. Did you know that paying subcontractors under the table not only leaves you open to legal action, but if subcontractors spend more than 60% of their time on the job, they are legally considered an employee? This is only one stipulation; there are plenty more.

Whether you realize it or not, the taxation offices have noticed that most construction companies pay off the books, so as not to hassle with taxes. And they aren’t too happy about it. Recently they passed Reportable Payments System, requiring those in your field to have reports of every subcontractor’s income.

With as much red tape as there is in your field, it’s a miracle you are ever able to build anything, let alone lay the foundation. And this is why we are here. We want to educate you for the future and handle your bookkeeping services so you can focus on what’s important.

If you go with us, you can actually work on the job without worrying if you are breaking rules and crossing lines. And that is the definition of a service paying for itself.

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