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about deboss business solutions My business started as a result of sub-contractors asking me if I could help them with their paperwork on weekends. At the time I was working full time as a CFO of a Major Air Conditioning Construction & Refurbishment firm in my hometown.

We came to an agreement that M-F was my employer and theirs was weekends. They agreed and would drop off paperwork to be processed on Fridays (pick up their payments) and pick it all up on the Monday. Not only was I working for them, but I was teaching them how to resolve their paperwork problems and simplifying their work lives.

I had an awesome relationship with these guys and suffice to say 5 years later my subbies had learnt the processes I had set them up with and when I moved to QLD they were confident enough to “go it alone”.

  • I wanted something more, I no longer had the passion to work for someone else..
  • I wanted to work on my own terms
  • I wanted Flexibility
  • I wanted to help other “go it alone” businesses succeed & profit
  • I wanted to love my work – not hate it
  • I wanted to make an impact

I jumped in with both feet and 25 years later here we are. I work hard for my clients, cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, stress on their behalf. I am not just a BAS Agent/ Bookkeeper, I am an integral part of their business life, one that they can turn to ask questions and give them the right answers.

We are often so much in our own heads that we let opportunities slip us by, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes and as a small business owner I knew that there were detours, road blocks and I had to be more than technically able – that’s where I start to shine.

I love my job, I am passionate about helping small business overcome their obstacles, develop their businesses into a profitable and growing concern and teach them how to look at their finances in a more informed position.

My Business has had its ups and downs, grown fast to a point of closing books and not taking on more business, engaging staff and subcontractors to re-directing focus, and reducing rank and file and getting back to basics all from a purpose built office from home and I think that knowledge is something that sets me apart from others. What makes it all worthwhile? It is still a journey that I enjoy and I love to take with my clients on a day to day basis.

I used to joke that if there was a wrong way to do things… then I’d done it, but looking back it’s what makes me better understand my clients and what they need to make their businesses work. I have developed systems and “better ways” of doing things over the years worked out exactly what is needed to do what I do best. Every business owner is different, some take a fast and hard approach some a rambling one where they take detours and find other things along the way, but no matter how you get to where you want to be it’s a journey that has its own rewards.

Technology has come a long way over the past 20+ years, gone are the days of 26 discs taking 4 hours to install, it’s pretty much online and takes seconds to start, and as it’s such a small world it can be done within my office giving me time and energy to commit to my clients.

Most businesses, no matter the route they take, have the same issues and needs. Bookkeeping may have you going around in circles, but we can handle this while you get back to doing what you do best.

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